About The Firm

About A&T Legal Group

Our Method

The A&T Legal Group serves a diverse range of people and businesses who need effective legal representation. Whether we are protecting a business from a costly lawsuit or helping someone avoid jail time, we rise to these challenges with professional enthusiasm.

A combination of listening, research, and creativity defines the approach of the A&T Legal Group. Our talented attorneys will hear your needs, find the best solutions, and deploy legal tools that aim for the most positive outcomes possible.


What We Do

The A&T Legal Group excels in major areas of legal practice, including personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning, and business litigation. Our attorneys possess extensive experience and stay abreast of changing laws so they can deliver powerful results.

Personal Injury – Many times we have held responsible parties accountable when they caused people physical, financial, or emotional pain. We can stop the people or companies that injured you from dodging liability.

Criminal Defense – You have rights to liberty, privacy, and a fair trial. When adults and juveniles find themselves facing misdemeanor or felony criminal charges, they can depend on our ability to manage the consequences. Our team knows precisely how the criminal justice system operates, and we protect our clients from aggressive prosecutor tactics.

Trusts & Estate Planning – Our dependable team will identify the legal tools appropriate to your unique situation. To protect your assets, we delve into the tax code labyrinth and find answers that ease your tax burdens through trusts and strategic gift giving.

Business Litigation – We are dedicated to protecting your vital interests and profitability with knowledgeable and responsive representation. Our business law team can inform you about vulnerabilities and opportunities present in your operation. We have experience creating optimal contracts for business and labor dealings.


Legal Fees

Flat fees apply to many legal tasks like drafting contracts, court filings, and trial representation. Fees for personal injury cases are based on settlements. We can discuss what charges to expect during a free consultation.

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Legal advice begins with listening. It costs nothing to tell us about your concerns. Please call the A&T Legal Group to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you.