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  • self-defense
    Is Self-Defense a Legal Defense?

    Is self-defense legal? From a legal standpoint, using force to defend one’s self from imminent harm is legal, but may require scrutiny. The particulars of each law differ from state to state, but there are some similarities between them. A self-defense law can trace its origins back to Roman law, with some familiar features also based on common law. Some are also based on long-standing property laws.

  • expungement of criminal records in California
    Expungement of Criminal Records

    When a conviction is expunged, it’s removed from your criminal record. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, and you weren’t sentenced to state prison, you might be eligible for expungement of your criminal records in California.

  • lying on taxes to get more money
    How Lying on Taxes to Get More Money Can Cost You

    Right after each New Year brings in yet another tax season, quite a few Americans begin preparing reason for post-holiday celebrations by making false representations on their tax returns with sweet anticipations of a huge refund. However, this misguided ‘cheating taxes is ok’ mentality can backfire with long-term consequences that cost far more heartache and pain than any sum of instant ‘gain.’

  • when to sue for wrongful termination
    When to Sue for Wrongful Termination in California

    Being fired can be an extremely stressful experience. Not only can it be infuriating, it can also throw your life into financial turmoil. However, not every termination is justified. Sometimes employers break California law when they let employees go.

  • domestic violence
    Domestic Violence – Don’t Be Afraid To Sue

    According to the U.S Department of Urban Development, approximately a third of the families using family homeless shelters are there because of domestic violence. It has been estimated that 1 in 4 women will be the victims of violence by a partner at some time during their life.