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    Encino Criminal Defense Lawyers

    The stakes are high for your future and freedom if you have been arrested and charged with a crime. This alarming experience might make you feel isolated, but A&T Legal Group is ready to stand with you. If you need a criminal defense attorney in Encino CA, our professional team has the experience to support your legal rights in cases involving DUI, drugs, violent crimes, embezzlement, and more.

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    Defense Strategies
    Criminal Defense Strategies

    Because every case is unique we start by listening to your side of the story. After gathering the facts, we will assess the evidence and how it is likely to effect you. During your consultation with an Encino criminal defense attorney, we will explain your legal options and help you consider them against your personal and professional needs.

    Sometimes our criminal defense lawyers succeed in getting charges reduced or dropped. Even if that is not viable in your situation, we will still employ every legal means available to control the consequences of your criminal charges. Going forward, we will advocate for your rights and handle filing court motions, negotiating with prosecutors, and, if necessary, defending you at trial.

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    Plea Bargaining Explained
    Plea Bargaining

    A plea bargain is the process of reaching an agreement with a prosecutor instead of going to trial. You will need to plead guilty to the agreed upon charges and in exchange the prosecution imposes a lighter sentence.

    Many people facing criminal charges accept this route. Prosecutors encourage it because it is faster and less costly than a trial. However, a plea deal offered by a prosecutor’s office might not be the best deal you can get.

    When the lawyers at A&T Legal Group represent clients in Encino, Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Thousand Oaks, Woodland Hills, Burbank, and other area cities, they watch out for bad deals. We know the standards of evidence needed to make charges stick, so we can help you avoid pleading guilty to a charge the evidence does not support. We also push for lenient sentences in exchange for your cooperation. And if you do not want to accept a plea deal, we will defend you as you navigate the next steps.

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    Defending You at Trial
    Defending you at trial

    If your case is headed to a criminal trial, our experienced team will first try to get evidence excluded and thereby weaken the prosecutor’s case against you. This can be achieved if it was collected in violation of your Constitutional rights. You will have either a jury trial or a trial decided only by the judge. If it is a jury trial, our savvy team will work hard to influence jury selection in your favor.

    Having competent and experienced trial lawyers in your corner is essential in court. To discuss your case please contact the A&T Legal Group. We will work toward the best outcome possible for you.

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