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    When accidents result from the poor choices and mistakes of others, the law supports the injured victims. At a minimum, injuries mean medical bills, but there can also be long term consequences like disability or mental trauma that have financial impacts.

    You have a legally defined right to compensation when you are injured in an accident caused by negligence. Malicious and criminal acts can also be cause for a personal injury lawsuit. Companies can also be held liable for your injury costs because of defective products, poor employee training, and any number of harmful mistakes.

    The personal injury lawyers at A&T Legal Group represent people seeking compensation from those responsible for their injuries. If you are suffering from injuries that may have been caused by careless actions, defective products, or even criminal attacks, then you do not have to struggle through the system alone. A consultation with an Encino personal injury attorney will inform you about the damages you have a right to claim in your situation.

    Damage claims for personal injuries often involve insurance companies. It’s no secret that insurance companies might drag their feet when people try to get the money they deserve. When you are recovering from trauma, insurance companies know that you are vulnerable and perhaps under financial pressure. In a time like that an attorney can support your interests.

    At A&T Legal Group, we thoroughly study the details of your case so the full scope of your damages can be assessed. This attention detail protects you from accepting an incomplete or low-ball settlement. We can help you assess if a settlement meets your needs properly or not.

    You could give up your rights to much-needed compensation if you accept an insurance company’s initial settlement offer. With an experienced legal team on your side, however, the facts of the accident claim can be defended against obstructions and denials. Our relationships with forensics experts, private investigators, and medical professionals enable a defense of your accident claim through an independent investigation. With this evidence we protect your rights to compensation.

As a law office serving the Los Angeles metro area including Encino, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys and Glendale, our team brings extensive insights to every case. Our experience helps you consider the big picture. Even if your physical recovery is expected, lingering issues could impact your ability to work or advance in your career. You might not even realize the extent of a mental trauma until you try to resume normal activities. We can make a complete estimate of the damages beyond your most immediate expenses.

With representation from a personal injury attorney in Encino, CA you can receive the just compensation you deserve. During this difficult time, you need experienced and aggressive advocates dedicated to fixing the financial burdens imposed by someone else’s negligence.

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