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Our heavy traffic in the California makes motor vehicle accidents an every day occurrence. Data collected by the CHP revealed that in one year alone 226,544 people were injured and 2,995 died in car accidents. A&T Legal Group is well known for representing people who want an accident attorney in the Los Angeles area. Residents can depend on us to win large amounts of compensation for your motor vehicle injuries.

  • Your Auto Insurance Settlement

Instead of relying solely on what your insurance company might say, you can also discuss your personal injury case with one of the Los Angeles or Encino car accident attorneys. The A&T Legal Group has extensive experience supporting accident victims during their negotiations with insurance adjusters.

Our lawyers understand insurance policies just as much as your rights to compensation. We can hold your insurance company true to its obligations.

You can meet with a car accident lawyer in Encino, CA at any point during the claims process. You can call us before even filing the claim or bring us in if your insurance company denied you or offered an inadequate settlement. Our law office can prepare an appeal and push for compensation that matches the damages inflicted on you.

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Cases Come in Many Shapes

Not every personal injury claim is as straightforward as dealing with a single insurance carrier. Sometimes the negligence of a large company, individual, or governmental agency is to blame for your pain.

Truck Accidents – Due to their size, commercial trucks can cause heavy damage. With our lawyers, you can hold accountable drivers and companies that ignore safety regulations.

Public Transportation Injuries – A transit system has a legal duty to operate safely. Have an attorney make it fulfill your right to compensation for injury.

Public Event Accidents – Insufficient vehicle barriers might be to blame when a person gets hurt by a vehicle at an outdoor market, fair, or other outdoor venue. The party responsible for the poor safety planning could be either public or private but is still subject to personal injury laws.

Bicyclist and Pedestrian Accidents – People outside of vehicles are especially vulnerable. When bad injuries or deaths occur in this scenario, the victim might need legal help to get the full amount he or she deserves.

Bad Road Design & Disrepair – Some places are more prone to accidents than others. A lack of maintenance for guardrails or warning signs can put drivers at risk.

The A&T Legal Group has the resources to deal with complex cases. Even situations in which you are grappling with the wrongful death of a loved one can be entrusted to our experienced lawyers.

We have helped people throughout Southern California in Los Angeles, Encino, Van Nuys, and surrounding areas recover financial awards after devastating accidents. Call us today to meet with our skilled and aggressive car accident lawyers at recovering personal injury damages.

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