Los Angeles Criminal Process

Criminal process in Los Angeles

The legal process can be frightening for anyone who has been charged with a crime, but you must work with an attorney who can assist you with the criminal process. Being charged with crimes by the state is not as serious as being charged by the federal government, but an experienced defense attorney can explain the charges to you in detail. The steps below explain the criminal process from start to finish.


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Warrants are issued for the arrest of anyone who has been charged with a crime, but your attorney can step in when the warrant is issued. A good lawyer can arrange a time for you to surrender to authorities, and your lawyer can help arrange your bail before you even show up. The arrest process will go much smoother if your lawyer handles it for you.

Plea Bargains and Trials

Plea bargains can be arranged by your lawyer with the prosecutor before you ever go to trial. You do not want to endure a long trial if you can avoid it, and your lawyer can help you with a plea bargain that gets the matter settled quickly. The prosecution may not want to make a deal with your lawyer, and your lawyer will argue your case at trial.


Getting charges expunged by the court typically happens after a conviction. Your attorney may broker a deal with the court that allows for an expungement after a few years. You must keep in touch with your attorney during the time, and the attorney must advise of the rules the court has laid down for your expungement. Taking the charges off your record is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you have been convicted.

Forfeiture Of Assets

The state of government may seize your assets if they believe the money was earned through illegal means. Your attorney may be able to arrange for money to be left for your family, but there is no guarantee that a deal can be reached over the forfeiture. Money that is seized by the government is often put into the coffers of the state or federal government once it has been taken. You must have an attorney if you want the funds to be released.


Sentencing is the phase of a trial when the guilt party is given the sentence that is deemed appropriate by the judge. The judge may choose from a wide range of sentences, and there may be witnesses called for the sentencing. Your attorney will lobby for the lowest sentence possible, and your attorney may appeal your conviction once the sentence has been given.


Appeals can be taken all the way to the supreme court if your attorney believes you can go that far, and it is possible that the appeal could overturn your conviction at some stage. Your attorney will keep you updated on the appeals process, and you have a right to speak to people who can help you with your appeal even if you are in prison.

The criminal process can be scary for someone who has been charged with a crime, but an aggressive and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney will help you get through the process with their professional approach to their work. You deserve a vigorous defense, and your attorney will work very hard to help you beat the charges that you are facing. You may receive a deal from the court if you are lucky, but your Los Angeles criminal lawyer must be in a position to deal with the state or federal government.