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federal crime

Many criminal offenses can be prosecuted in either state or federal courts. State crimes involve alleged exclusive violations of state laws, and they’re prosecuted in the state courts. The same rule applies to exclusive violations of federal law and federal courts.

  • Some Crimes Are Charged in State and Federal Courts

Federal crimes involving violations and convictions are prosecuted in federal courts. Some crimes such as a federal computer crime or a federal hate crime might be prosecuted in state courts, so long as the state where the crime was committed has an applicable statute. If no state statute exists, the federal courts have exclusive jurisdiction.

Exclusive federal crime examples are wide ranging. They include but are not limited to:

• Social security fraud
• Bankruptcy fraud
• Counterfeiting
• Espionage
• Treason

  • What is a Federal Crime Bill?

A federal crime bill is proposed legislation by a member of either the House of Representatives or the Senate that contemplates acts that aren’t against federal law, but are in the process of being legislated against. The bill goes through the legislative process, and if both the House and Senate pass it, the bill goes to the President for signature. If the President signs it, the bill becomes a law. If the president does not sign it within 10 days, and Congress is in session, the bill automatically becomes law.

  • If You’re Accused of a Federal Crime

The prosecution has the burden of proving you guilty of the crime you’re accused of beyond a reasonable doubt. If accused of either a state or a federal crime, you have the right to remain silent. Deny any charges, say nothing more, and invoke your right to an attorney.

  • Consult With a Federal Criminal Courts Attorney

Not all attorneys are licensed to practice in federal courts. You are required to be represented by an attorney who is licensed in the federal courts. A federal court procedure is significantly different than a state court procedure. You’ll want an experienced federal criminal court attorney from A&T Legal Group.

Whether you are taken into custody or not, if you’ve been accused of a federal crime in, it’s important that you consult with a federal criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us for a confidential appointment. Preserve and protect your rights!