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Identity theft is something that runs rampant in the United States. More than 15 million people fall victim to such an occurrence each year. Identity theft can occur in many different ways, but the most common way is the use of identification such as the social security number, driver’s license number, credit card number and more. The perpetrator uses the information for a wide variety of purposes such as:

1. To obtain credit cards

2. To make unauthorized purchases

3. To obtain housing or a vehicle

4. To assume the full identity of someone else

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  • Identity Theft Happens Everywhere

No state is free of identity theft cases, even the state of California. Cities such as Los Angeles experience their fair share of identity theft cases. It happens to all kinds of people. Some people fall victim to strangers, and some people fall victim to their friends, family members and people that they trust.

  • The Dangers of Identity Theft Victimization

Identity theft victimization can ruin a person’s life in more ways than one. First, the devastation of finding out that someone used personal information can cause the victim to experience anxiety and depression, which can cause that person to lose sleep. Secondly, identity theft can ruin a person’s credit report for many years if the person does not resolve it. A poor credit profile can prevent a victim from being able to obtain the things that he or she needs, like a house or vehicle. A bad profile can affect a person’s ability to get a job, as well. Many employers pull credit reports to protect the integrity of their companies and their assets. Therefore, a victim can truly suffer unless he or she does something to clear the fraudulent account from the record. An LA identity theft attorney may be able to assist.

  • Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft

A consumer can avoid experiencing identity theft by using a few smart tips. Companies offer credit report and score monitoring services to consumers who wish to keep track of credit happenings. Some of the providers offer free trial periods that are between seven and 30 days. Such programs will alert a consumer about any new accounts that someone opened. Another tip that can help a Los Angeles consumer to avoid identity theft is to never give out personal information unless it is completely necessary. The individual should avoid making photocopies of driver license and social security number information.

  • Penalties for Identity Theft in Los Angeles

An accused person will need to hire a reliable Los Angeles identity theft law firm to try to escape the clutches of conviction and penalty. The state of California issues some harsh penalties for identity theft crimes. A person who receives a conviction for identity theft in Los Angeles can spend up to 30 years in a federal prison. Such a person would need to hire an identity theft in Los Angeles to avoid spending a large portion of life behind bars.

  • How Identity Theft Lawyers In Encino Experts Help Someone Who Is Accused of Identity Theft

An attorney can help an accused person in some ways. First, the courts have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the accused person committed identity theft. It will have to prove that the transactions occurred and that the accused person was the one who signed for a purchase or used identification that belonged to someone else. An attorney can question the accusation and possibly obtain a dismissal if not enough evidence is apparent. Another way that an attorney can help is by bargaining with the judge on behalf of a convicted person.

The attorney can request alternative punishment for a crime. Some of the most common forms of alternative punishment are community service and probation. Community service gives the convicted person the opportunity to work and provide free service to organizations that need it.

  • Scheduling an Appointment With an Identity Theft Attorney

An accused person can schedule an appointment with an attorney today who will invite him or her in for an initial consultation. The specialist will go over the charges, penalties and the best course of action for the accused person. An Encino criminal defense lawyer is always available for advice, assistance and even legal friendship.

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