Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Attorney

When a child is accused of a felony in the State of California, they risk being tried as an adult. Being tried as an adult could greatly impact their future. Sadly, most of these crimes are committed due to a bad decision. Children and teens often make poor decisions because they are young and inexperienced. This should not impact their entire life. When your child is facing a criminal charge, you need to protect them with aggressive legal representation from a juvenile defense attorney.


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  • What A Juvenile Defense Lawyer Can Do For Your Child

The California Justice System acknowledges that children adapt to rehabilitation programs much easier than adults. This is very positive and the Courts have developed programs to encourage rehabilitation instead of jail time.

It is our goal to help our clients, if convicted, to receive the lightest sentence and to utilize rehabilitation programs instead of jail time.

Our attorneys work aggressively to keep the case in Juvenile Court and try to obtain the following for our clients:

Diversion Program – Special programs designed to keep the child out of the Justice system while still taking responsibility for their actions.

Deferred Entry of Judgement – A deferment does not mean that the case is punishment free, but it can keep the record clean of the child if they stay out of trouble.

Alternative Sentences – There are many alternative methods to incarceration that have been shown to be very effective and prevent re-offending.

Sealed Juvenile Records – Your child should not have to suffer with a juvenile record when they are an adult. Sealing the records gives them a fresh start

Each of these alternatives to being sentenced can have a very positive influence on the outcome of the case and the future of the child.

  • Our Juvenile Defense Firm in Encino is The Right Choice

Using an experienced juvenile attorney in Los Angeles to represent your child is crucial to a positive outcome. Our attorneys are experienced and aggressive defense attorneys who work diligently to protect the rights of their clients.

Our attorneys are also young. This helps the child relate better to the attorney and establish a good working relationship that is beneficial to their case.

It is important for parents to schedule a free case evaluation when their child stands accused. During this evaluation, the attorney will discuss with you, and possibly your child if they are with you, the seriousness of the charges, the possible outcome, and what steps will be taken to create a defense.

Since every case is very individualized and has its own set of circumstances, it is hard to place a time frame for how long a case will take or the cost of legal representation until all the acts are heard by the attorney. Your attorney, however, will explain all of these details to you during the case evaluation.

Your child may have made a mistake, but they still have rights that should be protected by a professional and aggressive criminal defense attorney.