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While the concept of theft seems simple, the crime can actually come in many different fashions. In California, if one takes an action designed to deprive from another the rightful use or ownership of his or her property or money, then a theft has occurred. Theft can be classified either as a felony or misdemeanor, depending upon the circumstances and how much is stolen. No matter what the charges, a good theft defense lawyer is a critical asset for any person who stands accused.

California Theft Crimes can be classified in the following manner:

  • Identity Theft

Identity Theft can happen when a someone uses your private information like your name, social security number or address for the purposes of exploiting your credit and spending your money. Examples of being victimized by identity theft including missing funds from a bank account or credit card purchases that you did not authorize. Identity theft lawyers can help determine if you are a victim and how to proceed afterwards. Under California law, a victim can forward a copy of a police report to financial institutions to remove the identity theft. To recover funds, an identity theft lawyer can help you with this process.

  • Burglary

California law defines burglary as “breaking and entering,” but with the intent to commit a felony. In addition, the state allows for a burglary charge when a person remains in a place where their right to reside has been revoked. This charge can qualify as one of the three strikes under the state’s three strikes law, which means that a Los Angeles theft attorney is important for any person charged with burglary.

  • Carjacking

Carjacking occurs when a person uses violence to take the vehicle of another person. Either actual force or the reasonable fear of force is sufficient to establish a felony charge. Carjacking can be distinguished from grand theft auto in that a carjacking requires a direct taking of the car from the physical possession of another.

  • Grand Theft

While grand theft is usually associate with car stealing, it is truly just a classification that describes a high dollar value in the taking. Grand theft might be a violent taking or it might be classified as while collar crime, which could happen when a person commits fraud, embezzlement, or other forms of high-brow theft. Los Angeles theft crime lawyers are necessary to protect people charged with this serious offense.

  • Petty Theft

Petty theft is also a classification based upon the value of property stolen. A petty theft attorney in Encino will understand that this distinction applies when there is a minor taking. Petty theft might be shoplifting or a minor stealing, and it is usually classified as a misdemeanor.

  • Larceny

Larceny is covered by section 484 of the California Penal Code, and it covers a number of different types of theft. It is simply defined as the taking of another’s property, and it can include anything from a minor shoplifting charge to a more serious grand theft charge. The actual charge that a person will face is dependent upon the circumstances of the crime committed.

  • Robbery

Robbery is arguably the most common type of theft crime. Robbery is a form of theft that involves a direct taking of property from a person or from something in a person’s possession. What distinguishes a robbery from other forms of theft is the manner in which it is committed. Theft is typically done by force, or either by the threat of force, inducing fear in the victim. Robbery is classified as a felony in California.

  • Shoplifting

Shoplifting should also be relatively familiar to most people reading. This is a type of theft that occurs when one takes an item from a store without paying. Likewise, this can be charged when a person returns an item that was not purchased in a legal manner, if they know that this is what is taking place. Some are charged with shoplifting when they alter a price tag, or even when they knowingly take advantage of a discount from a person they know who works at the store. This is generally a minor crime, charged as a misdemeanor for adults.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

A&T Legal Group has the experience to handle a number of different types of theft cases. We have significant familiarity with this field, and can craft a strategic defense suited for you. Because we have familiarity with these cases, we know where to look and what type of evidence to pursue. Part of our approach involves finding ways to invalidate and mitigate evidence presented by the prosecution.

As a firm, we do whatever it takes to bring the best results to clients. This might mean seeking a reduction in the filed charges or even negotiating for reduced penalties. As a result of our approach, we’ll provide our clients with a fresh strategy that accounts for the specifics of their situation.