Personal Injury Law Firm That Delivers Results

When a negligent person or company disrupts your life with painful injuries or disability, you have a right to compensation. It’s not uncommon for the responsible party that inflicted the harm to try to wiggle out of paying. Insurance companies are especially well known for offering low settlements. But with the representation of the A&T Legal Group, you will have attorneys on your side who know how to prove negligence and win the money you deserve.

A big hospital bill hanging over your head might not be the only cost of your injury. Talk with our personal injury lawyers and learn about the full costs of recovery. After handling so many cases, we know that injured people often need physical therapy, disability retrofitting of a home or car, and compensation for lost income.

Other Legal Services

Our extensive business litigation experience lets you tap into a broad knowledge base. If a large company is responsible for your personal injury, we know how to hold it accountable.

Going forward in life, the A&T Legal Group can provide reliable trust & estate planning. Rely on our research and experience to design and draft the documents needed to ensure your financial future for generations.