Probation Violation

probation violation

Probation is a serious legal condition that should be taken extremely seriously. If you are currently on probation and facing charges of evasion or violation, the time to contact a qualified legal representative is now.

  • What Are The Actions That Could Result In A Probation Violation?

There are a number of actions that could result in you facing serious charges connected to violating your probation. These include, but are not limited to, such actions as the following:
• The possession or selling of illegal drugs.
• Failure to report to your probation officer at the appointed time.
• Failure to appear in court at the time that the judge has appointed for you.
• Leaving the area you are restricted to without proper permission from the court or your probation officer.
• Failure to pay the fines that you have been sentenced to by the court.
• Committing a further criminal offense, no matter whether it is a felony or a misdemeanor.
• Being arrested for any cause whatsoever, regardless of whether criminal charges are ultimately filed.


  • Will A Violation Of My Probation Automatically Result In Jail Time?

A violation of your probation may or may not automatically result in jail time, depending on such factors as the severity of the case, whether it is your first offense or the latest of several, and whether any serious criminal offenses were committed during the time you were in violation.

If, after a violation has occurred, you are requested to appear in court, the officer in charge of your case may very well ask for jail time or some other substantial penalty, such as a fine or restriction of liberty. It will be up to the judge to determine whether or not the recommendation for jail time should be followed, or if there are any special circumstances that may reduce the prescribed penalties in your case.


  • Contact An LA Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you are facing serious probation violation charges, it is in your best interests to contact an LA criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Issues of probation and parole are very serious matters, and you should not attempt to ignore them or defend yourself in court against them.

A qualified professional attorney with specialized training in probation and parole issues can help reduce the charges against you, or even have them dropped altogether. Whether the charge concerns your failure to appear in court or any other probation related issue, the time to secure legal representation for your case is now.