Property Crimes In California

property crime in california

When it comes to property crimes in California, it’s possible for a person to be arrested on a number of different crimes involving property. These offenses include everything from low-level crimes such as vandalism and shoplifting to felonies such as arson and burglary.

Some of these crimes do not require a suspect to get away with stolen goods to be guilty. Others such as robbery require a victim to be present when the crime was committed. The seriousness of a property crime will involve a number of factors. They are such things as the amount stolen, any use of force or weapons, potential for bodily injury, property destruction and more.

  • Accused Of A Property Crime

The property crime statistics in California show that over 60 percent were larceny type thefts, approximately 20 percent were burglaries, and 16 percent were vehicle thefts.

When a person is accused of a property crime, it is essential they speak with an experienced LA criminal defense lawyer right away. These legal professionals will know how to evaluate the facts of a situation and provide the best possible defense. If you are accused of stealing, you may be able to prove that you had a good reason to believe the property was yours or that you had a valid claim to it. This would require a defendant to provide supporting evidence as proof.

Being intoxicated has also been used as a valid defense in property crime cases. In this case, an attorney will argue their client was unable to have the intent to steal any property. It is also possible to use a defense of entrapment. This is when someone commits a property crime, but was convinced to do it by someone in order to apprehend and prosecute another individual. Although having the intent to return the stolen property is not often a successful defense, it can however create a level of understanding with the prosecutor. Many defendants try to show they were going to return the property at the time it was taken, and that they were just borrowing it.

  • Lawsuit

It is possible for someone involved in property crime to file a lawsuit. Before doing this, a person should speak with an LA criminal defense lawyer. They will be able to explain the merits of the case and know the chance for success. It is important for an individual have their potential case properly researched and prepared prior to filing a claim.

It’s also important to realize that any type of litigation can become a long and drawn out experience. It will require a person to be able to handle any disappointments or negative experiences that come their way. The result could provide payment of attorney fees and more.

If you find yourself involved in a property crime, please call us right away!