Staged Car Crashes – What You Need to Know

Auto insurance companies aren’t in the business of paying out money. They want to receive premiums from safe drivers and keep them. They don’t like paying anybody, particularly people that might be bringing doubtful and dubious liability claims, but unfortunately for all of us, doubtful and dubious liability claims are a national industry.

Staged Accidents Are Orchestrated Events

Any staged accident is a calculated criminal conspiracy. The participants bilk insurance companies out of billions of dollars, and then the insurance companies are reluctant to pay on legitimate claims while premiums increase.

The Pinch

The most common event is a vehicle coming along side of you. Another vehicle with a driver and at least one passenger jerks in front of you and suddenly stops. Now you’ve “caused” a rear-end collision, and there are at least two witnesses against you. If that guy pulls along side of you, and somebody else makes a sudden lane change, be prepared. You might be the intended victim of a staged car crash.

The Slam and Jam

We try to be reasonable when we’re on the road, and we often wave others into traffic when it’s crowded. You get slammed jammed when the driver of another vehicle who has stopped motions you into traffic and then rapidly accelerates when you’re scoped into his or her sights. It happens at intersections every day, particularly when people are trying to make left turns.

You Stopped and They Didn’t

This time there was little or no traffic, and the vehicle in front of you stops for no reason. You stop too. You’re in no hurry, and you left plenty of distance between you and that vehicle in front of you. Suddenly, that vehicle shifted into reverse and you get hit hard. You did everything you should have done under the circumstances, but now you’re blamed for an accident. You can’t believe what just happened. When that car in front of you stops for no visible reason, and there’s little or no traffic on the road, you might be getting set up.

A staged car accident can happen to anybody at any time. The nicer the vehicle that you drive, the more money the conspirators might think you have. The first thing that you need to do after any accident is to call your insurer. Don’t talk with anybody from the other side. Then call us, and we’ll get your rights pointed in the right direction!




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