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Your freedom and reputation matter to the A&T Legal Group where you can speak with Van Nuys criminal defense lawyers about your legal challenges. With our experienced evaluation, opportunities to defend your rights can be identified.


Your Defense Options – Free Case Evaluation

An evaluation of your case by a criminal defense attorney in Van Nuys can help you find out if the evidence supports the charges. If the charges are overreaching, an attorney might find it appropriate to argue for reduced charges.

If your situation appears to be the result of inappropriate searches that targeted you unfairly, our team might be able to get your charges dismissed because your rights were violated.

An experienced and aggressive attorney at A&T Legal Group can also negotiate for a lenient sentence during the plea bargain process. With our support you will know if you are being offered a good deal or not. When a criminal case must go to trial, we stand with you. Our experience in the courtroom will be on your side.


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