What To Do and Avoid When Arrested

Getting pulled over regardless of the reasoning is a hassle and oftentimes stressful for those accused as well as their families. Any time you find yourself in a predicament of potentially being arrested there are a few tips to implement and avoid to ensure you are making the most of the time spent with any officer of the law.

Avoid Pulling Off of the Road and Into Parking Lots

Whenever you are being pulled over by an officer it is best to do so immediately, regardless of where you are driving. Pulling to the left or right is ideal. Always avoid pulling into parking lots even if it feels it is the most secluded area to avoid traffic, as this often adds to the suspicious nature of the officer.

Have Your Proper Information Ready

Always carry a valid driver’s license, registration and insurance card handy and within reach when you have been pulled over. Some officers are more easygoing than others but it can quickly cause them to become aggravated and search for further information on your background.

Admit to Wrongdoing

When you are pulled over for an issue you are aware of it is best to come clean, remaining honest and sincere. Lying to an officer may provoke them to press further charges or even require a search of your entire vehicle.

Avoid Arguments and Disputes

If you are confronted with an argument with a police officer keep your tone from escalating, answering in a calm and honest way. Avoid petty arguments or displaying anger as an officer has the right to pursue additional charges if necessary.

Keep Quiet Once Arrested

Once you have been arrested and placed within the back seat of a patrol car it is best to remain silent, especially if you do not believe you have caused any crime. If you are in a holding cell or interrogation room it is your right to speak to your criminal defense attorney prior to moving forward with the case, regardless of the circumstances and any past criminal records you have to your name.

Request an Attorney Prior to Interrogation

Whenever you are put on the spot by a detective or an interrogation specialist it is imperative to speak directly with your own attorney. Discussing legal matters with your attorney helps to avoid further prosecution from those who already believe you are not innocent built guilty with the charges against you.

Although each state requires different traffic laws and regulations it is imperative to understand the very basics if you are under suspicion or arrest. Whether it is your first time handling an arrest or if you have been arrested in the past it is essential to abide by the law at all times.




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